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  • BE your own Boss. DO what you Love. INSPIRE others to lead a healthy lifestyle. CREATE great lasting relationships with clients.  Limited Spaces.

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  • Exercise to Music

  • Become an exercise to music instructor, teaching fitness classes in clubs.

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  • Kick-start your journey to looking better and feeling great this holiday season in just nine days, all thanks to its expertly-devised cleansing plan.

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  • The company supplies a top quality service and allow you a perfect platform to learn on. They go above and beyond the norm, to make sure that anytime you need them, they can be reached. Further to this, they inspired me to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

    George Rose

  • I had an amazing experience with Lara, I’ve recently come back from America on a soccer scholarship studying biomechanics, and nutrition but I couldn’t transfer my credits over from America to England so I needed a quick fix, this is where I got recommended to see Lara! She helped me get my level 2 and level 3 personal training in a matter of months, I can’t recommend Lara enough, her knowledge is mind blowing and her attention to detail is incredible, you will learn so much and she will put you on the right path to get you to where you want to be..

    Jordan Gilly Gill

  • I started my journey within the fitness industry nearly 7 years ago. My first ever qualification was Exercise to Music which is where I met Lara. Since then I’ve completed other workshops/qualifications but my next venture is joining Lara’s team as a tutor/assessor, which I’m really excited about. I currently teach a variety of exercise classes and I’m very much looking forward to teaching others and sharing my experiences, which is exactly what Lara did with me. She is inspiring, enthusiastic and so approachable. The support, advice and direction you will receive throughout your time with Lara can and will progress you to wherever you want go in your health and fitness career.

    Kimberley Ann Joyce

  • I have known Lara for many years now both as a colleague and a friend. Her knowledge, passion and attention to detail really is exceptional. So If you are considering starting a career in fitness this is the best option for you to begin a journey to greatness and learn to love what you do every day!

    Chris Nicholls

  • I started my personal training course and I must say they help I have received has been amazing, Lara herself is so lovely and has a genuine interest in personal training and helping others. The value is great and I would not choose anything else over this course.

    Paul Russell

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